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Achievements till now

My commitment to making a positive impact on the world has not gone unnoticed. In 2014, I contested as a Shiv Sena candidate for the Vidhan Sabha Election from Chinchwad and received 65,000 votes. And in 2019, I ran as an independent candidate and received an incredible 112,225 votes, a testament to my growing popularity and support for the work I have bee consontantly doing in my constituency.

Recognizing my impressive dedication, innovative ideas, and unwavering work ethic, I was appointed as the President of Shiv Sena for Chinchawad by none other than Shri. Uddhavji Thackeray in 2014.  


With a bright future ahead, I would like to be the leader you would want to follow!

  • Roads, Drainage, Pedestrian, etc.,…

  • Constructed the new roads and carried out repair of drainages and paving work in Wakad Gaothan.

  • Repair of drainage in Bhagwandev Nagar.

  • Carried out repair of drainages and paving work in Bhujbal Vasti, Kemse Vasti, Kaspate Vasti, Vakadkar Vasti and surrounding area, Nandanvan Colony area, Bhakti Hospital, Kalamkar Vasti, Nachiket Park area, Shree Dutta Colony, Postal Colony, etc.,

  • Repair of School in Bhumkar Vasti.

  • Took the initiative to repair the road near Ganesh Temple in Kaspate Vasti.

  • Started the FRP Library and made provision for benches to sit at Wakad Gaothan.

  • Fitting of RCC pipes at various places in Wakad.

  • Public Toilets in Wakad Gaothan.

  • Constructed safety wall around the Pune Municipal Corporation School in Bhumkar Vasti.

  • Road widening and beautification of circle at Venu Nagar.

  • Constructed new drainage system and carried out repair work of existing drainages in Vinode Vasti.

  • Carried out repair work of Gym located at Wakad Gaothan.

  • Repair of Primary School in Wakad.

  • Carried out repair and maintenance work of existing water supply pipelines at Thergaon, Kalewadi, Old and new Sanghvi, Thergaon-Wakad road area.

  • Undertook the work of laying out water supply pipelines in new developed areas of Pimple Nilakh and Wakad.

  • Carried out pipeline work at Wakad Kala Khadak Chowky Underpass area.

  • Repaired the roads at Kaspate Vasti, Ramanand Karyalaya, from Indira

  • College to Murunji, Parkhe Vasti, Bhujbal Vasti, Police Colony, Nachiket Park, Omega Paradise, Kalamkar Vasti, Waghmare Vasti, Sayali Garden, Tamhane Vasti, Shree Nursery, Parkhe Vasti, Mane Vasti, etc.,

  • Under took the construction of Nala work going towards Parkhe Vasti

  • Constructed Paving block at Kaveri Nagar Police Colony.

  • Constructed Footpath on Venu Nagar Road.

  • Road widening from Kaspate Vasti to Thergaon.

  • 18 Meter widening of Kala Khadak Road.

  • Constructed a multi-purpose hall in the Mhatoba Mandir Area.

  • Under took the expansion work of Wakad Health Office building.

  • Carried out the work of Thermoplast Painting and Direction Boards at

  • Bhumkar Vasti, Bhujbal Vasti and Vinode Vasti area.

  • Repair work of Wakad Main Road.

  • Repair of Crematorium.

  • 24 Meter Road widening work fromWakad Kala Khadak to the Flyover.

  • Work done related to Water Supply…

  • Constructed 15 Lakh Litre water tank and safety wall at Wakad Kala Khadak.

  • Provided pipelines to new developed areas (Thergaon, Kalewadi, Thergaon-Wakad road, etc.,)

  • Constructed additional 20 Lakh Litre water tank near new water tank.

  • Provided new water pipeline at Vinode Vasti, Ganesh Nagar, Bhumkar Vasti, Mane/Karpe Vasti, Bhujbal Vasti, Kaspate Vasti area and Ayodhya Nagari.

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